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Hoffman Marketing Communications, Inc. writes custom business white papers and technical white papers for our clients.

For our clients (Symantec, SAP, Hitachi, NetApp, HP, Sprint, Research in Motion, Adobe, RR Donnelley, and many more), we write about the hottest information technology topics: mobility, virtualization, cloud computing, online collaboration, data storage and management, healthcare IT, the security implications of all of these, and more. See our writing sample of the month on one of these topics.

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Marketing experts consistently rank white papers as the best way to generate leads, demonstrate thought leadership, and inform potential customers. How do your white papers compare to those of your competitors?

"Right from the first draft, Hoffman's white paper writing was high quality and on target, allowing me to stay focused on other key marketing initiatives."

Alvina Nishimoto
Hewlett Packard

Hoffman specializes in marcom projects such as writing white papers. Over our 28-year history, we have written white papers for over 80 technology companies around the world. In the last few years alone, we have developed more than 100 white papers. Our writers average more than 20 years of high-tech writing and marketing communications (marcom) experience.

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