Hoffman Developed Joyent White Papers from 2010-2011

In 2010-2011, Hoffman Marketing Communications, Inc., worked with Joyent executives, engineers, and marketing staff to produce 8 white papers and 4 success stories. To view three of these, click on the images to the right (approved by Joyent to display as samples of our work).

We’d like a chance to renew the relationship. To demonstrate our interest in working with Joyent again, we’ve developed this custom web page — for your eyes only.

Reasons to Work with Hoffman Again

  • We understand your solutions. We feel Joyent’s security and performance (through Triton), and its commitment to providing the most powerful cloud DevOps environment are real competitive advantages in the market. Core competencies such as high-performance and secure containers, unparalleled Docker support, and VM dynamic utilization set Joyent apart from the crowded market noise, we believe.
  • We have extensive experience in your space. Some of our other past cloud market clients have included Tata Communications, Hitachi, Datapipe, and vendors partnering with MS Azure, VMware, and AWS. We are not currently providing services to cloud vendor clients, so there is no conflict of interest.
  • We are an established agency with a long history. We’ve been in business since 1985, and we’ve worked with major cloud and virtualization players for many years.

What Hoffman Can Develop for You

Hoffman services include development of copy, as well as document design, illustration, and layout for:

  • Product launch materials, including collateral, website copy, blogs, social media, and more
  • Sales enablement materials, including sales guides/playbooks, email campaigns, lead qualification scripts, ROI calculators/worksheets, case studies, customer presentations, and more
  • White papers, infographics, and more

Recommended Next Steps

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