Hoffman Value – Example 1

Instead of simply reporting: “Our project manager completed the software migration task ahead of schedule and under budget.” You report: “On <date> Mr. John Doe, Acme’s certified project manager, provided Ms. Sally Jones, government POC, an innovative solution that fast tracked the software migration project by 10 days. By leveraging Mr. Doe’s expertise in lean […]

GWAC Holders

GWAC Holders: Your company has won a highly-prized government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC). And now the hard work begins. Your company is competing with a choice group of well vetted, qualified contractors that have won a spot on SEWP V, NITAAC, and other government best-in-class contracts. How do you rise above this competitive cream-of-the-crop and earn […]

GSA Schedule Holders

GSA Schedule Holders: As you know, holding a GSA Schedule is no guarantee of government work. A large percentage of GSA Schedule holders fail to win any task orders. What’s more, competition among GSA Schedule holders is fierce. There are thousands of eligible GSA holders in Schedule 70 (information technology) alone. How can your company take […]

DCC Testimonial

“Hoffman understands IT challenges and solutions. What’s more, they have a real feel for how to communicate with the federal government. I’m confident the white paper they produced is going to open doors for us.” Adnan ShabenVice President of SalesDynamic Computer Corporation Click here to view the white paper.

ANL Testimonial

“If you’re a government subcontractor that wants more subcontracting opportunities with primes, I highly recommend that you engage Hoffman to write a white paper for you.” Anne C. Kelly, PCC A New Leaf Coaching Click here to view the white paper.

MERP Testimonial

“Hoffman delivered the high-quality white paper I needed in time for a critical meeting. I highly recommend their B2G white paper services!” Prem Nair, PMP Partner MERP Systems, Inc. Click here to view the white paper.

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Hoffman Value – Example 3

Emphasizing Benefits and Applications in the Close-Out Summary We can help you craft a closeout summary that describes your team’s management effectiveness, administrative compliance, and technical compliance; as well as a summary of government results, benefits, and performance and quality improvements. We’ll also help you draft recommended next steps. These can explain the potential value […]

Hoffman Value – Example 2

Instead of simply reporting: “Product x meets all contract requirements.” You report: “Acme’s best-in-class product x exceeds the government’s quality requirements as indicated by the government’s acceptance on <date>. By implementing product x, early performance monitoring shows an x% increase in customer response times and x% decrease of dropped calls.”


Subcontractors: If you are a small business contractor seeking to subcontract to successful prime contractors, you need to prove your company can 1) help the prime contractor win, and 2) reliably perform under the contract. How can your company win the confidence of primes in the face of many competitors? One way is to commission […]