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As a prime contractor to the government, you are experts in your field. Your strategies, technical work, and operational processes in your government contracts are outstanding. But how good are the written reports and other documentation you deliver to the government? If you’re like many government contractors, your written deliverables may not meet the level of excellence of the rest of your skills.

That’s where we can help. We are expert writers, with an average of 30 years of writing experience. Chances are, we’ve written about your subject area, because we cover most of the hot technical areas of interest to the government (i.e., a wide range of NAICS codes). Our forté is writing about the particularly difficult government challenges and technology-based solutions you offer.

Benefits of Using Hoffman as a Writing Resource

We make your life easier by custom developing some or all (your choice) of your written deliverables in your government contracts. As a result:

  • This frees you up to focus on meeting specialized contract requirements, while we deliver professional quality written deliverables.
  • Project reports, correspondence, and written contract deliverables become official federal record. We help ensure that your reports and documentation are of the highest quality, thus helping you comply with federal recordkeeping requirements.
  • Working with your team, we ensure that your written documents are accurate, complete, well-written, compelling, well-organized, useful, compliant with requirements, on-time, within scope, and on-budget. This reflects positively on your organization and further improves your chances of winning recompetes, extensions, and new contract awards.

Our Qualifications

  • 30 years of specialized experience writing reports and other documents on technically complex subjects for leading companies, including Symantec, HP, Adobe, Unisys, NetApp, SAP, Epson, Verizon, and many others.
  • An industry-leading, repeatable writing process that consistently delivers the reports and other documents you need to shine for your government customers.
  • Hundreds of professional, expert-level documents delivered over the last three decades.

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Content Marketing to More Fully Engage with the Federal Government

As a complementary service to government prime contractors, Hoffman offers a proven content marketing approach that leverages the power of the white paper. Using white papers in this way can help your company further build your relationships with Federal government buyers…and ultimately win more government contracts. To find out more about this innovative service, visit our business-to-government (B2G) content marketing site.


Photo credit: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, photograph by Carol M. Highsmith