B2B Video Marketing: Can You Afford Not to Use Custom Video?

Experts agree: B2B video marketing is a compelling way to engage business prospects.

Other businesses are effectively using video to improve lead generation and thought leadership.
Can you afford not to make effective use of custom video?

Affordable Custom Video

Hoffman produces affordable, custom video for your marketing materials, with the following options:

  • We embed videos in the multimedia content we produce for your business, or we offer the videos to you a la carte.
  • We film at your locations anywhere in the U.S., or in our professional studios.
  • We film your personnel and customers, or we give you a wide choice of professional spokespersons (see sample at bottom right).
  • We also produce white board videos (see sample below), graphics videos (see sample below), and more – all at an affordable price.
  • We provide all pre- and post-production services, equipment, and editing.

Sample Graphics Video

Sample Client Interview Video

Sample White Board Video

Sample Spokesperson Video