Blue Tech Can Use White Papers to Build Relationships…and Ultimately Win More Government Contracts

Hoffman helps professional government contractors such as Blue Tech enhance its federal sales of information technology to government agencies. To do this, we use the #1 form of business-to-government (B2G) content marketing – the white paper – to circulate expert content to highly sought-after government customers. This approach can help enhance Blue Tech’s relationship with all of its government buyers, including but not limited to DHS, NSF, and more.

Writing professional white papers has been Hoffman’s specialty since this form of content marketing first appeared on the scene in the early 1990s. We’re experts at writing influential, content-rich white papers on information technology and a wide variety of other technically challenging topics. Hoffman writers have written hundreds of professional white papers since our founding in 1985.

Enhanced Government Engagement Process for Blue Tech

  • Hoffman writes Blue Tech’s custom white papers. Professional, timely white papers help underscore Blue Tech’s reputation as an industry leader in information technology. By developing just-in-time, government-focused white papers, Blue Tech can proactively influence government decision making. This can occur during pre-solicitation planning and before RFI and RFP development.
  • Blue Tech asks its government contacts to provide feedback on the paper. This engages Blue Tech and government prospects in a topic-focused dialog and builds Blue Tech’s relationship with government buyers.
  • Hoffman helps Blue Tech incorporate government feedback. Incorporating comments and returning the revised paper to agency contacts demonstrates Blue Tech’s responsiveness to the government reviewers, further enhancing your relationship. This also provides your prospects with a professionally-written paper that government managers can distribute to colleagues, further expanding Blue Tech’s visibility as a technology expert.
  • In this way, Blue Tech has proactively influenced government buyers early in the acquisition process, and your company is now positioned for even greater contracting success.

Blue Tech Can Leverage Hoffman Expertise

  • Hoffman’s 30-year veteran writers work with Blue Tech to develop specialized white papers that government personnel need and want.
  • Our well-defined, repeatable process for developing quality white papers translates into impressive and persuasive Blue Tech deliverables.
  • Hoffman works with former career federal professionals with insider knowledge of how the government works, providing a perspective on what matters to government decision makers.

How Blue Tech Can Learn More

The Next Step

Why not take advantage of our limited-time offer for new clients? Through February 15, 2017, we are offering a 25% discount on the cost of your first custom white paper from Hoffman.

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Government Subcontracting: Professional Writing Services for Blue Tech

As an SBA-certified small business, Hoffman is available to subcontract to Blue Tech or act as a back office or reach back resource. Drawing on our 30 years of specialized experience, we produce professional project reports, publications, and custom documentation that will better position Blue Tech to win more recompetes, extensions, and new contract awards. To learn more, click “here.”