Federal Government Marketing

This white paper describes 14 leading practices for creating effective white papers for federal government marketing. Hence, it serves as “the mother of all white papers” when marketing to the federal government. Hoffman gathered and refined these practices during engagements over a 30-year period. In addition, we interviewed federal government contracting professionals and federal government leaders.

The practices are particularly applicable to prime contractors and subcontractors seeking to enhance their content marketing with the federal government. Using white papers for marketing helps position government contractors as subject matter experts. Using white papers also builds relationships with government decision makers and influences government contracting decisions. The goal of this approach is to more fully engage with the federal government, and ultimately win more federal government contracts and task order awards.

Leading Practices for Marketing to the Federal Government

This white paper “practices what it preaches” by implementing all of the recommended practices in this paper. Key aspects of white papers covered include the information gathering process, target audience considerations, length, organization and structure, tone and point of view, use of third-party information, design (look and feel), objectivity, distribution process, role in content marketing, related uses, and others.

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B2G Mother of All White Papers