Information Security Writing Samples

Information Security Writing Samples

Information Security Writing Samples

Hoffman Marketing Communications combines speed of execution with superior quality by employing senior writers who have considerable experience in the IT security domain.

Each information security writer at Hoffman blends a rare combination of marketing, sales, and technical expertise with exceptional writing ability. From complex integrated security appliances to the latest information security threats, outsourcing IT security writing to Hoffman ensures that the resulting white paper, sales guide, or marketing collateral connects with business and IT decision makers in a meaningful and compelling way. At Hoffman, the information security writer takes the time to thoroughly understand clients’ business areas, target audiences, and offerings before they begin writing — an investment that pays off with superior communications.

Information Security Writing Samples
Following is a small sample of the many marketing and technical white papers that Hoffman information security writers have authored:

IT Security Threats and Response White Papers:

Data Breach White Paper (InfoArmor)
Multifactor Authentication White Paper (Verizon)
Evolving Data Center Threats (Trend Micro)
Content Filtering & Virus Protection (Symantec)
Network Security: Authentication & Data Integrity (Adobe)
Access Control & Authorization Management (HP)
Integrated Security Solutions (Symantec)

Business Implications of Information Security White Papers:

Identity and Data Protection as an Employee Benefit (InfoArmor)
Cloud-Based Antivirus for Busy IT People (Panda Security)
Security for Virtualization and Cloud Computing (Trend Micro)
Business Continuity: Enterprise IT Security (Symantec)
Secure Enterprise Mobility (Sprint)
Mitigating Online Fraud (Symantec)
Managing Enterprise Security Incidents (Symantec)
SMB Secure Messaging (Symantec)

Regulatory Compliance and Policy Management White Papers:

Privacy & Identity Protection Regulations (Syntel)
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance & Security (netForensics)
Security & Privacy Legislation Compliance (netForensics)
NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (Symantec)
Federal Info Security Management (netForensics)

Vertical Markets: Security, Availability, and Compliance White Papers:

Healthcare Info Security & Privacy (Syntel)
Secure Web-enabled Business Services (HP)
Electric Power CIP (Symantec)
PCI Data Security (netForensics)
Securing Power Generation Systems (Symantec)