multimedia marketing content

How do You Inspire Your Business Prospects?

Do you use collateral and white papers? A web site with custom video? Webcasts with infographics? Interactive content? What if you could pull together the best of these elements into a single multimedia marketing package?

Multimedia Marketing Content

This is what we do at Hoffman. We are a B2B marketing communications firm with 30 years of experience. We craft superb content and deliver it in a compelling way, with embedded custom video and interactive content – to inspire your prospects to become customers. To see the benefits of this content, view our white board video or view our sample multimedia marketing package.

Affordable, Turnkey Solution

Hoffman pulls it all together so you don’t have to: first we produce the copy through an information gathering and writing process. Then we produce the storyboard, a custom design, interactive elements, new videos, infographics, dynamic illustrations, and final online deliverable. We use HTML5 so it runs on any platform – including tablets and smartphones – without the need for any app, viewer, player, or plugin. We do it all in a few weeks, for the price you’d typically pay for the videos alone.

“Hoffman multimedia content is a highly engaging, cost-effective way to make your marketing stand out.” Jen Billings Marketing Director, American Marketing Association

Adopted by the American Marketing Association

A leading, prestigious marketing association recently chose our multimedia package to retain members, and then hired us to develop a second package to boost membership. If we can inspire these demanding marketing professionals, imagine how we can motivate your business prospects. Let our team arm your marketing and sales teams with the multimedia marketing content they need. Click here to take a closer look at its benefits and features.