Hoffman Writing Services for Government Contractors: We Help You Win

You won a much coveted federal government contract. You have an expert team assembled to deliver great solutions. The question is: As you submit your written deliverables, are you demonstrating your value and expertise to win more government business? If not, you can benefit from our writing services for government contractors.

Win New Contract Awards, and GSA Schedule or GWAC Task Orders

Each written communication you send to the government is a valuable marketing opportunity. It’s a way for you to gain more government work in the future. How well you communicate your value and expertise in writing impacts how well you position your company to win recompetes, bridge contracts, extensions, new contract awards, and GSA Schedule or GWAC task orders.

How do you do this? You work with our writing experts to transform routine written contract deliverables (e.g., monthly status reports, technical/engineering documents, contract closeout summaries, etc.) to demonstrate your value. You combine your technical expertise with our professional writing experience. As a result, we help you communicate the exceptional value and benefits of your company and its solutions/services.

Hoffman speaks the language of government. What’s more, we know what government customers want to see in written documents. They don’t want simple reports of your progress and results. Instead, they want facts, statistics, and proof of the value and benefits they are receiving. When they receive this, they become eager to extend more work to you. At Hoffman, we help you communicate that value.

How Hoffman Demonstrates Your Value

As a subcontractor or back-office resource, Hoffman can serve as an expert member of your team. In this role, we can help you demonstrate value in your written deliverables to the government. Here are some examples of how we do this:

  • In each of your contract documents, Hoffman helps you incorporate and accentuate your team’s value, expertise, insight, and experience. In this way, the government customer learns more about your value as they review each of your plans, progress reports, technical reports, test results, and other written deliverables. Click here for an example .
  • Working with Hoffman, you can also emphasize the value of your products and services. To do this, we help you describe the significance and benefits of your progress, results, services, and solutions. Click here for an example .
  • Hoffman can also help you develop the close-out document for each contract. Instead of simply describing results and completed contract deliverables, we help you describe the benefits and applications of what you did, AND the recommended next steps. Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Hoffman Writing Services for Government Contractors

  • We help you inspire government contracting officials to rate your contractor performance assessment reporting system (CPARS) past performance as “excellent” instead of “acceptable.”
  • Hoffman applies our specialized experience to help build your contracting success. We help you transform your written deliverables from simple reports of results to professionally written deliverables that demonstrate your value.
  • The goal of our writing services for government contractors is to maximize your ability to win recompetes, bridge contracts, extensions, new contract awards, and GSA Schedule or GWAC task orders.

Hoffman Qualifications

  • An SBA-certified small business contractor that is available to subcontract or provide back-office services for you.
  • 30 years of specialized experience writing reports and other documents on technically complex subjects for leading companies, including Symantec, HP, Adobe, Unisys, NetApp, SAP, Epson, Verizon, and many others.
  • An industry-leading, repeatable writing process that consistently delivers documents you need to shine in your government contracts.
  • Hundreds of professional, expert-level documents delivered over the last three decades.

The Next Step

To learn how you can better engage with your government customers, click here to schedule a no-obligation, no-cost consultation with Hoffman, or contact:

Steve Hoffman
Principal, B2G Marketing
Hoffman Marketing Communications, Inc.
steve@hoffmanmarcom.com 408-710-1717 (direct)
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Content Marketing to More Fully Engage with the Federal Government

As a complementary service to government prime contractors, Hoffman offers a proven content marketing approach that leverages the power of the white paper. Using white papers in this way can help your company further build your relationships with Federal government buyers…and ultimately win more government contracts and GSA Schedule or GWAC task orders. To find out more about this innovative service, visit our business-to-government (B2G) content marketing site.


Photo credit: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, photograph by Carol M. Highsmith


Instead of simply reporting:

“Our project manager completed the software migration task ahead of schedule and under budget.”

You report:

“On <date> Mr. John Doe, Acme’s certified project manager, provided Ms. Sally Jones, government POC, an innovative solution that fast tracked the software migration project by 10 days. By leveraging Mr. Doe’s expertise in lean six sigma, the government was able to deploy the agency’s IT modernization initiative 10 days ahead of schedule, thus providing government end users earlier training opportunities and production access at a cost savings of $x.”

Instead of simply reporting:

“Product x meets all contract requirements.”

You report:

“Acme’s best-in-class product x exceeds the government’s quality requirements as indicated by the government’s acceptance on <date>. By implementing product x, early performance monitoring shows an x% increase in customer response times and x% decrease of dropped calls.